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Be a better leader”.
App concept

α. Concept. β. Slogan. γ. Visual identity: Logo. Typeface. Abstract illustrations. Color palette. Business card. Letterhead. Folder. Posters. Triptih. Tags. δ. App: UX. UI.
Jun 2018
No. Be a better leader. App concept

Dedicated to all leaders*

The app is intended to help you improve your team communication without directly or indirectly criticizing the way you manage things and through practicing whenever you feel your team can do better. The goal of this practice is to learn how to use "Why" sentences instead of the too-often-used "No" verdicts. Another goal is to get ready to accept reasonable and detailed arguments, which might later help you make the right decision, based on facts and logic that your professional employee developed and suggested. You are there to nurture the talent selected by your management and to help these talented employees do their best.

*A, B, and C-Level positions and other managers.

Table of contents:

Very special thanks to Gulnara Shaydullina - chief subeditor, for her professionalism.

Logo concept

The logo is a monogram based on two leters – N and O (three times O). Why three times? It is simple :) No, NO, Nooo… The UX research clearly shows that users will use the "Nooo…" expression after a few No-s.

The "O" is like circles on water after you throw stone there.

Circles on water after you throw stone there

Or like rain drops on the water, or even like someone's tears falling onto the water.

Someone's tears falling onto the water

The tears is suitable metaphor: imagine a professional employee who feels like crying when the team leader does not trust his work.

No - two letter monogram

No - two letter monogram

Abstract illustrations of the concept

The "o" of the "No" – growing, geting bigger and bigger, and finally taking all the free space of the canvas. "Nooo…" is a visual expression of the emotions professional employees experience when their work is rejected despite the logic, just because the team leader is not ready to accept the reasonable and detailed arguments and decides to use the "No" verdict instead of the "Why" sentence – which might have helped communicate the idea.

Words matter
Abstract illustrations of the concept
Abstract illustrations of the concept
Abstract illustrations of the concept
No 2018

Blur effects. It's the accidental...

Anything happening during the work process becomes part of this process. Thus my tests with the blur effects become a part of the composition that was in my mind during this period.

Spin blur. Application background image

Application background image
No 2018
Blur effects


Be a better leader.

Practice whenever you feel your team can do better.

Ah so... This is an old song, but nature of the things has not changed; in fact, it never changes.

Old song

Two app screens

Here are just two screens of the app – "Registration" and "Email verification." The registration form includes all possible fields. It happens often that the leader does not want to listen to the pro UX that maintains: the user won't be happy; but the leader insists and is not ready to accept any logical arguments or proofs based on the research and experience of the professional employee. Wondering how this can happen? Unfortunately, it happens all too often (and my experience offers many examples).

Therefore, when the leader creates his or her "No. Be a better leader" account, he or she will be required to complete all kinds of fields in the registration form. Nothing can teach us better than a real-life example. Situative bridge - this is how we learn.

A hundred listeninings do not compare with one look

One picture is worth a thousand words

There's nothing like seeing for oneself

Seeing for oneself is far better than hearing about something

Two app screens

Email verification. Left screen content


This is awesome! We are pleased to assist you on your way of becoming a better leader. Before you make your first step in this direction, we need to verify your email address.

To verify your email address, please use the code below.

6-18-1-14-11 (f-r-a-n-k)

* Frank Sinatra ("They can't take that away from me")

Registration. Right screen content

Be a better leader.

Please complete the form to start practicing being a better leader.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Date of Birth
Zip Code
Company Name
Company Email Address
Company Phone
Company Address
Zip Code

I read and accept the Terms of Service.


Annual meetup

The idea of this annual meeting is to practice with the real people instead using the app. During this meeting, leaders can say anything they please, but in response they must hear just "No," and this is only rule for such annual meetings.

The meetups of July 9-12, 2018, were sponsored by the "Gorge Trace Foundation." The "Gorge Trace Foundation" building doors were opened 24 hours during the event. Fifty-seven leaders were suspended: they found it difficult to answer "No" each time someone was telling something, but rules are rules and suspended leaders had to leave the event.

These events play an important role in the Montreal leaders community, and each annual event is a small renaissance. Statistics shows that this events have a positive impact on the creative processes and are very helpful in establishing a beater communication between leaders and the professional employees.

Annual meetup poster

Meetup poster on the wall of the "Gorge Trace Foundation" hall.

July 9-12, 2018


Basic visual identity is a good final drop for this article. Standard elements at the end are intended to help mentally process the info and alleviate the pressure. It is usually recommended to wait between the main meal and the dessert. However, "Nooo…"



Triptih "Become a better leader"

A triptych is a work of art that is divided into three sections, or three carved panels that are hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open.

Triptih .Become a better leader

Triptych on the wall of the "Gorge Trace Foundation" appetisers hall.

July 9-12, 2018

- May I list a few?
- No!

Poster on the wall
Poster on the wall

Poster on the wall of the "Gorge Trace Foundation" hallway.

July 9-12, 2018

Poster on the wall

Poster on the wall of the "Gorge Trace Foundation" hallway.

July 9-12, 2018

Poster on the wall

Paper tags

Paper tags

Hey leader! Practice and enjoy, this app is your friend.

The end.


You as a reader might wondering why, in quite a long text, nothing has been said about how this application actually works.

You must be a very attentive reader to notice the omission. Congratulations!

So, as mentioned earlier,

The app is intended to help you improve your team communication without directly or indirectly criticizing the way you manage things and through practicing whenever you feel your team can do better.

Sounds great, but you might have a question: How does this work?

The truth is that I was so busy with the results that I forgot to write about the source. Here it is.

The app concept

The app does just two things:

1. Listening to you. You can say anything you like, and if you are not sure how to start practising, the app offers you a list of common sentences to start with:

  • Make it centered.
  • I want this to be black.
  • Do it bigger.
  • I want to include gender in the registration form.
  • Other popular options.

2. And in response you will hear just "No."

Thanks for being with me all the way to the end of the document! (one more drop)